Ladies, Avoid Wearing Wigs This Way as It Is Harmful


As ladies, we love staying fit, having the perfect shape, and just looking beautiful. This is why a huge part of the money that we earn is set aside just for beauty products and pampering ourselves.

A huge part of a woman's wardrobe is her wigs. Most women love wigs. They just have a way of making you feel more beautiful and confident. Plus most of us feel like they do much more than braids and weaves. I mean if you decide to get braids, you have to endure hours and hours of pain, retouching your braids every now and then, and the sheer volume of some braids makes it very difficult to even sleep comfortably at night. But with wigs, there's no pain putting them on, you can simply retouch them at home by yourself, and you really save a lot of money compared to maintaining braids.

But did you know that wigs are actually dangerous to your health? This is what they do to you:

1. Increase hair loss

This is a no-brainer. All protective styles usually have this as a major disadvantage. Even the healthiest hair cannot endure this.

Wigs prevent the sweat glands from releasing body toxins through the scalp. The lactic acid in the sweat mixes with the keratin in the hair and causes damage and hair loss.

Glue extensions that are often used with lace wigs can also cause permanent damage. The glue blocks your scalp pores and damages your hair follicles. It can also burn and dry out your hair. And we can't forget the weight of the wig, which pulls on your scalp resulting in hair loss.

So if you want to minimize your chances of hair loss, try cleaning and conditioning your hair regularly. And before wearing your wig just take your time and position your hair well.

2. Headaches

You might have experienced this before. When the wig doesn't fit or if it is not worn properly, it causes headaches. It just puts a lot of pressure on your head which ends up causing frequent headaches. The weight of these wigs sometimes is even enough to cause a headache.

3. Itching

Have you seen women patting and scratching their heads in public even though they have the most beautiful wigs and weaves on? See, when you wear a wig, the sweat glands of your scalp release sweat which can mix with pre-existing bacteria and cause some very bad fungal infections.

Often this is accompanied by a very bad smell associated with sweat. The sweat is supposed to just evaporate into thin air. However, it is trapped under the wig creating the itch, which is very irritating by the way. And if worse comes to worst, these infections set the stage for hair loss if not treated.

Additionally, wigs suffer wear and tear and the strands of hair come back through the base which causes itching.

It is not that you should stop wearing wigs altogether. You should just minimize wearing wigs so as to maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Was the article helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts below, like, share, and follow my page for more tips.


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