Kenyans React To Aaron Cheruiyot's Tweet Tagging Citizen TV

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Aaron Cheruiyot who is the senator for Kericho county today tweeted on his twitter page that An accurate description of how RMS, esp its premium brand @citizentvkenya has behaved this election cycle. Totally unproffesional and unethical. Kenyans are wiser though and can see through their obvious bias.

Temo tweeted, "Raila is outdated,in some 78days to come,we shall send him to his retirement, unfortunately, it will be a forced one. We thank him for the things he did to this country. We shall honour him with dignity and ensure that no one disturbs the peace of this country like he did."

Islar tweeted, "By now KKwisha should have launched their Media channels other than expecting to direct and control Citizen tv on how to carry on their business."

Jow tweeted, "Sure the information content of everything is actually zero. If you imagine a library containing all possible books it wouldn’t tell you anything at all. For every book telling you X there would be another telling you Not X."

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