Principles of Life You Must be Careful With


1. Don't move away from the lord

Most people take this for granted, but this is the main and a important thing to have a happy life, make God a priority in everything you do. Anything that makes you turn against God will bring more harm than good in our lives. He never take away things to hurt us but to bring what is good for you.

2. Never forsake your vision and purpose.

No matter what you are going through Never stop fighting for something you want and a person you want to be in future, there will always be a solution of everything, a light at the end of a tunnel.

3. Never push your friends away when successful

Being successful before them doesn't mean they will not be someday, help them out because you Know what it means to be where they are. Bring them closer to you, show them what you did,share some ideas to with them and God will abundantly bless you.

4. Don't be in an Harry to make decisions

Be careful not to just accept without thinking over something,just because you've have seen people making it through it, think twice , remember when the deal is good think twice.

5. Avoid toxic relationship

Have a partner that will help you achieve your dreams, someone who is supportive and more so prayerful. get into a relationship having a plan, direction and objective, avoid a relationship that brings you more sorrow than happiness.