Meet Mercy Masika's Husband David Muguro

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Mercy Masika is a renowed and celebrated gospel artist in Kenya who is adored by many because of her incredible voice as well as a down to earth nature.

She was born in Machakos county on 26th of April in 1983 making her 38 years old in 2021.

Most people have been wondering whether she is married or not. Mercy Masika has a beautiful love story.

The singer is married to the love of her life ,David Muguro and together they are blessed with acouple of adorable children a boy and a girl by the names Tevina Muguro and Ranise Muguro respectively.

David Muguro is a 38 year old prominent business man who doubles up as Mercy's manager.

David and Mercy met way back in 2007 and only after a year of courtship,they formalized their union. The two have been married for ten years.

The two share a joint account where according to the singer ,if it were up to her to manage her money,she Would have spent all her money buying shoes and clothes. Mercy Masika's husband is God-fearing,loving,supportive and trustworthy man.

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