Raila faces another Big blow from Mt Kenya as this is revealed


Raila Odinga in his preparation to face the deputy president in 2022 elections has been eyeing the Mt Kenya region and to kick out the deputy president Ruto from the region.

Raila has been organizing meetings with the leaders from the region to ensure he gets popularity and sell his ideology to the members of the mountain.

On Friday the former prime minister had organised a meeting with leaders from the region but it has been revealed that the members boycotted the meet and giving flimsy reasons for not attending.

Raila was to meet the leaders in Kieni constituency and the only leader that was willing to attend was the area Mp Kanini Kega.

On the same day the deputy president had meetings with the members of county assembly from the region in his Carren residence.

It is revealed that the "stop Ruto movement" persuaded the MCA's not to attend the meeting and even went ahead to give financial offer.

The MCA'S later met with the DP on Friday in his Carren residence.

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