Take your grievance to God – Morayo tells sacked Winners pastor

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believe that the news about the sacked pastor of the living faith denomination of the Christian church is no more something new to our Ears.

One of the Popular media character Morayo Brown has criticized the alleged Winners Pastor who has currently been sacked by the church for no longer producing sufficient earnings in his branch.

In a trending video this weekend, the Winners Pastor, who is known as Peter Godwin, alleged that he and over forty different pastors have been sacked for underperforming (This is they have been sacked for performing below expectation.)

The video has generated reactions from Nigerians as a few condemned Bishop David Oyedepo even as others said that the movement became consistent with the gospel of Christ.

Reacting, Morayo, through her Instagram page, criticized him for sharing his grievance on social media, urging him to instead take his grievance to God.

The popular TV host, who said she has been silent about the happenings in Nigeria, stated that she cannot keep silent about the pastor’s action any more.

She noted that God is the “Managing Director” of the church, so any pastor who is sacked should take their grievance to Him. Rather of bringing of the Social Media as she sees social media as not the solution. 

“I held myself from commenting on this one but I cannot let it slide.”

“God is the real MD of any believing Bible church. If you get sacked, not the media, “Only he can compensate not the rabble-rousers on social media,” her post on Instagram read.

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