Lessons to learn from Timi Dakolo's throwback picture when he was a chorus leader in church

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Popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer, Timi Dakolo, shared an epic throwback of himself when he was still a chorus leader in church.

The award winning singer who recounted his days of little beginning shared the picture on his official Instagram page on Thursday, August 12, as he thanked God for seeing him through his musical career.

Check out the picture he posted:

After taking a close look at the post he shared, I discovered that there is a vital message contained in the post which I will like to share in this work.

I was able to point out that one should never undervalue his/her little beginning no matter how small it may appear. Who would have thought that the Timi Dakolo we know today once started his music career as a church chorister. It is important to know that success does not just happen, it takes time, and so we must be ready to start small in whichever way possible.

Also, I will like to note that sometimes God keeps us in a particular position to prepare us for what is ahead of us. Without a doubt, Timi Dakolo started developing his musical skills during his days as a church chorus leader without knowing that he was preparing himself for a successful career ahead of him. He even admitted this fact in the caption he wrote

"The chorus leader in choir practice that year. Doing it with Love and diligence. I didn’t know I was preparing for a tomorrow..." He wrote.

Timi who won the 2007 West Africa Idols award was diligentlyy building his music skills in church without knowing, and today he is known and celebrated worldwide for his craft. This should be a lesson to everyone hoping to be successful in life. Always learn to start small and try to 'learn' before you 'earn.'

In conclusion, I will like to encourage my noble readers that in life, there is time for everything, so always be patient in whatever you do even if you are not seeing the results of your hard work yet. Timi's case has proven that hardwork pays no matter how long it takes.

What do you think about this? Please do well to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.

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