Good News to Education Sector As KNUT Union Withdrew Strike Notice


Kenya as a nation has allowed kenyans to form and belongs to unions. Kenya has various sectors such as finance, agriculture and education. Education sector is under leadership of CS Prof George Magoha.

Teachers service commission is an agency of ministry of education which is incharge of employs and deploy teachers. TSC employs teachers permanent and pensionable terms. Teachers are mandate to impart skills and virtues to students.

KNUT union is an association of teachers whose objectives is to improve the salaries and conditions of work of the teachers through negotiations with TSC. KNUT union is under leadership of SG Wilson Sossion.

KNUT union and TSC have been having loggerhead over CBA for 2021 -2025. KNUT union through SG Wilson has accused TSC for not involved them in CBA negotiations.

KNUT union had earlier summoned TSC with industrial action notice. Now KNUT union through SG Wilson has withdrew strike notice. This bold move of KNUT union will enable KCPE and KCSE candidates to do their examination smoothly. Furthermore their move will enable SRC to carry out job evaluation exercise for next CBA without intereferences.

Lastly, the above discussion illustrates well good news to teachers, KCPE and KCSE candidates as KNUT Make following bold move.

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