10 Most Marketable Short Courses in Kenya Right Now


1.Digital marketing

This course covers skills in Social media marketing,running and optimizing google Ads,basic SEO skills and email marketing.A comprehensive package of this course can even include web and graphics design.

2.Programming and mobile apps development.

This course requires great understading of science,technology,Engineering and math.Here you will earn highly by selling your skills to companies like the Global Mobile Apps.

3.Languages courses

Learning many languages can be quick to win you a job.You can work as a translator,transcriber or a language tutor especially if you learn international languages like french and German.

4.Advanced excel

Skills such as trend analysis,forecasting and goal seeking are under this course and the skills are highly in demand not only in Kenya but worldwide.The course demands background knowledge in accounting,investment,banking and strategic management.

5.Online jobs courses

The world is growing fond of remote work and online workers are highly in demand to work as bloggers,digital marketers,virtual assistants or freelancers.

6.Agricultural value addition

This is ment majorly for enterpreneurs because you learn how to make fast -moving goods like juices.

7.Electronics repair

This course is perfect because you can even employ yourself and start an electronics repair shop.


Video production is highly marketable now.Recently the course involves video shooting,editing,cinematography,sound operation,animation and even graphics.You can start creating videos and selling them or look for full-time employment in media firms or elsewhere.

9.Cyber security

This is a certificate course that highly pays.You will be fighting cyber criminals such as hackers.

10.Care giver(nursing aid)

Many people are thirsty for nursing aids to take care of their old parents or even themselves.

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