Men kindly don't do these to your Women when they are Pregnant


Pregnancy is the most critical moment in women's lifetime. It is the stage that they need to be handled with great care and love. Their bodies undergo physiological changes which may affect their social and behavioral well-being. They develop mood swings most often. Therefore men have to understand them.

During pregnancy women demand alot. This is not their problem but they are driven by the physiological state in them. Most develop cravings in items like sweets and other foods. Men have to provide for them. Most men get tired and prefer leaving them alone. These are some of the things that men should never do.

1. Never fail to provide

Men are known to provide for the family. During pregnancy women deserve special attention with regard to the provisions of essential necessities. They have to dress and eat well. Failure to provide may drive them crazy very fast. At this time they are very selective and they need to be understood.

2. Never argue with them

Women during pregnancy are always high-tempered. Small disagreements may raise alot of issues. At this time they are always right and they accept to be corrected. Men have to keenly study them during this stage to avoid putting themselves in conflicts. However not all women experience mood swings during pregnancy.

3. Never overwork them

During pregnancy women are at their weakest state. They need help at all times especially in performing daily duties. Overworking a pregnant woman is like overloading a tired donkey. They need to rest psychologically and physically.

When a woman is overworked she becomes psychologically tortured thus developing stress. Stress affects the outcome of the pregnancy which includes mental development of the infant.