South Africa is lightly to remain in level 1 lockdown with no change in restrictions

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When we all heard the the president will be addressing the nation, many of us started to panic thinking that the country might have to move to hard lockdown. We know that the president had a meeting with the Corona Virus Command Council on Saturday evaluating the country's response to the covid19 pandemic.

The meeting was forced to happen because of the new variant that has been found in South Africa and Botswana. The virus is said to be extremely infectious and we have already seen many countries around the world putting South Africa on a red list of travel ban.

According to some sources, it is believed that the gorvenment is proposing that the country remains on lockdown level 1 without any measure restrictions. However if the new cases continues to increase, mandatory vaccines might just be an option. For travellers arriving in South Africa, they might have to be tested on arrival weather they provide a negative test from their country.

We know that there will be large events happening in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape in the coming weeks and there were some concerns about such gatherings. However Prof Shabir Madhi says that we should learn to live with the virus and people who are gathered outside are at a much better space than those in the an enclosed spaces.

We know that churches have been affected on so many levels and now they are saying that they will not support any form of lockdown at this stage. It will be hypocrite of president to say that we must move to hard lockdown while we have been seeing parties gathering in large numbers. Those people who were attending these rallies some of them were not even following the regulations. Some of them were not even wearing masks and they were not practicing social distancing.

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