After Tesla Hitting The News Now We Have A Flying Car Which Uses A Regular Petrol Fuel


Imagine future life with flying cars, Wouldn't it be amazing. Since 20th century many prototypes have been built using different technologies without a real success of it.

Lately there has been a success on the technology whereby the prototype was flown between two cities in Slovakia. The special car clocked 35 minutes on the air completing a test flight making it a success in the advancement.

The hybrid aircraft car is equiped with a BMW engine and runs on regular petrol pump fuel.

It's creator professor Stefan Klein said it could fly for about 1000 km (600 miles) at a height of 2500 m (8200 fts) above the ground.

It takes a total of only 2 minutes 15 seconds to transform from a car to aircraft.

This advancement of technology would really make life so easy and more fun in future. Probably the air-car is costly as at now but after it's certification on its safety and it's production in abundance would really go at an affordable price in the market. The car carries a maximum of 2 people with not more than 200 kgs.

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