" I don't have time for delusional women. " says Rea Gopane after Bonang Matheba sued him for R300k

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Sometimes people take advantage of Celebrities and do or say things they wouldn't appreciate hearing. That's the case with Rea Gopane.

Rea Gopane is a South African entertainer with a well known podcast. Rea got in trouble last year after he claimed in one of his episodes that Bonang introduced her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA, to cocaine. Bonang wasnt pleased and sued the vlogger and served him with a 500K lawsuit, and he was instructed by her legal team to retract his statements and issue an apology on his social media platforms in the form of a video and a letter.

He apologised and issued the apology but never gave B her money. In the following interactions between the pair, Rea seemed unbothered about his debt and often took to Twitter to taunt Bonang. About a week ago Bonang wished Rea good luck on the trial and it turns out that he really needed luck.

A few hours ago Bonang announced that she won the case and managed to sue Rea for R300 000.

People congratulated her on Twitter for winning this case. A tweep said "Congratulations Bonang you deserve we must normalize this and always teach our fans a lesson to never mess with us or our bag."

Another tweep said "Bonang Matheba winning this case really gives people hope to deal with cyber bullies accordingly. We not arguing back & forth anymore. You’ll pay!"Even though most people are celebrating with Bonang, Rea on the other hand doesn't seem bothered ot to be taking this even a little serious. He posted on Twitter that "I don’t have time for delusional women. Back to work"

I understand that this is a respect thing and Bonanv needed to show people to respect her. I however feel like making a 22 year old pay R300k is too much, but then again he isn't even apologetic and a bit respectful so maybe in some way he deserved it.

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