See How This Beautiful Lady Transformed Her Face With Makeup To Look Like Buhari (Photos)


Young Nigerian Lady Transforms Her Beautiful Face To Look Like President Buhari Using Facial Makeup

With the help of the internet and social media, Nigerians has been able to show the world how talented they are. They have on several occasions used social media apps like Facebook and Twitter to showcase their innovation and arts. 

A young beautiful Nigerian lady has taken to twitter to show how greatly talented she is. She was showered with praises by friends for her natural given talent. The lady who goes by the handle @Janejonet is a makeup artist by profession and she took out some time to show Nigerians how she transformed her face to look like Nigerian president, Mohammadu Buhari.

In her post which has since circulated all over social media, Jane Richard explained how she used makeup to imitate president Buhari, she also said she posted the artwork ealier on Facebook and got an overwhelming reactions from her friends and followers, so she also decided to bring it to twitter.

Below is the screenshot of the post she shared

She also tagged the transformation pictures along.

After the post went viral, as expected, Nigerians took to the comment section to react differently, below is what some of them had to say.


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