Dear Men, 3 Signs A Woman Cannot Live Without You(Read More)


1. Whether she is at fault or not she calls you first to apologize: it's very hard to see a woman who wronged you end up saying sorry to you, only if she loves you so much then you will see her apologize to you after you both have an disagreement, such means that lady can't do without you she loves you so much and never want to find you missing in her life. 

2. She sends a letter everyday at three different times: sometimes guys normally thinks that when a lady is bored that's when she calls you always no, just means she loves yoy and she can't live without you, some ladys come to love a guy so much that all he needs is that guy.

3. If she leaves work just to take care of you when you are sick: even in our working places some ladys normally do this, they end up lying to their boss just because their boyfriend is sick and she needs to be around to take good care of him, she did that because she knows how valuable you are and don't want to lose you. Also it means that she adores you so much and she can lady down anything for your sake. 

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