Junet Mohammed Breathes Fire Promises ODM Allied Supporters What Will Not Happen in 2022


It is messy and it is now turning hot and running out of control. Raila's close ally Junet Mohammed can't kerp it cool and has decided to revisit 2012 political scenarios and this what he had to Remind President Uhuru Kenyatta and his affiliates. Junet made it clear and boldly that,

"If you’ve been in our politics long enough, you will recall 2012 and the aura of invincibility created around some people. I can see too many vibaraka angling to assume the title of “kiboko ya Raila”. What they forget is that you cannot destroy that which you didn’t create."This has awaken Tangatanga and Kieleweke allied supporters who reacted furiously and this is what they had to say,

"You junet and co are just using Raila for their own political gain. Junet and the likes of wanga, Jimmy have nothing to offer or show any developments done to benefit their constituents now they want Jakom asimame then usikie tunaenda kusaidia jakom huko juu."

"Surely Raila is not somebody you can play around. This man is an institution himself."

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