What Most People Do Not Know About Organ And Kidney Trafficking


In some countries, the selling and buying of organs is illegal.As of today, the extent of organ trafficking of is still unknown as to the number of such transplants performed annually. 

Organ trafficking has become a form of human trafficking where unsuspecting victims are cajoled with the promise of going abroad for greener pasture and to have a better life. Some of this people who fall victims are either gotten through the use of threats, coercion, deception, abuse, recruitment or illegal transportation. 

The most prominent organs that are traded illicitly are the kidneys. Organ traffickers profit in the shadow, while their destructive medical footprints is the only thing that is felt, leaving donors vulnerable and recipients open to severe exploitation and a lifetime of health consequences. 

We have heard stories where young boys have been deceived that they are being taken abroad and at the end of the day, they are taken to unknown location where their kidneys are removed without their consent and some end up losing their lives in the process because maybe the operation was poorly done or the donor was not in a healthy condition prior to the operation. 

Organ traffickers orchestrate recruitment of donor often from places of vulnerability ( that is, people who are in dire need of help financially, or are desperate to travel abroad). Sometimes victims are not properly screened for qualifications to being a healthy donor.

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