Foreign Nationals Have Threatened To Go To Court If Their Request Is Denied || Here It Is

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Foreign nationals have threatened to go to court if new township business law threatens or infringe the rights of migrants to own and operate businesses in Gauteng townships. On Friday, Gauteng premier David Makhura signed into law the Gauteng Township Economic Development Act.

Home Affairs has clear regulations regarding operating business as a foreign national in South Africa. The question is do they meet those minimum requirements of R5 million minimum investment? ActionSA has announced that informal traders born in other countries will no longer be allowed to sell goods and services on Johannesburg streets.

While many people has blamed Ramaphosa saying unemployment increased when he came into power. We currently rank number one country in the world with the highest number of unemployment, crime and rape. Since Ramaphosa came into power the country has been on a constant downgrade.

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