Fresh Details on Makueni Man who Allegedly Raped His 90-Year-Old Mother in the Night While she Slept

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Police at a crime scene. Photo/ courtesy

Police in Mbooni, Makueni County are on the hunt for a man suspected to have def!led his 90-year-old mother during the Mashujaa Day holiday.

Sources reported that the suspect, Patrick Mumo- aged 45, is alleged to have forcefully entered his mother’s bedroom at around 8pm before subjecting her to the disgusting act.

According to a police statement, Mumo fled soon after.

“She tearfully narrated her harrowing ordeal in the hands of her younger son who forced himself into her bedroom and subjected her to the beastly act,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said in a statement.

The woman was found in her bedroom by her eldest son writhing in pain and complaining of waist pains.

She was rushed to Kisau sub-county hospital where she is currently undergoing treatment.

“Doctors at the medical facility confirmed that the victim had indeed been r@ped,” the DCI said.

Detectives are calling on the suspect to surrender himself to any nearby police station.

 Locals speculate that the youngman may have enrolled himself in a cultic organisation that led to his evil acts.

Speaking to the source, one of the neighbours of the victim said the suspect has never been seen intoxicated, neither was he a drankard.

We shall keep you updated on the matter.

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