Few days Twitter Announced its HQ in Africa (Ghana) see the strange comments DW makes.


The only images DW, a German media outlet, could get to represent Nigeria and Ghana, are what you see below. They promote their countries, whiles undermining Africa. 

Following the tech giant decision to open a first ever Head Quarters in the African Continent, precisely Ghana DW a German News outlet writes and makes a rather odd comments rather than appreciating and support this great news for the Ghanaian people.

DW writes;

"Twitter has revealed that it will open it's first office in Africa. The social media giant picked Ghana as the location, bypassing Nigeria - the African country with the highest number of social media users. Twitter says it plans to recruit 11 Ghanaians in top roles for it's African operations. Tech giants are expanding their footprint on the continent. Do you support Twitter's decision to go with Ghana as it's Africa's HQ rather than another of the continent's 55 countries?"

This particular comments have sparked rage and caused lots of Ghanaians to utter their disappointments. It's rather sad to hear most foreign media house projecting Africa in a rather strange and odd manner.

What are your views on this?

YoungDapper operanews-external@opera.com