Meet Twins Who Died Of Covid-19 in India At The Same Time


Covid-19 continues to spread across the world. Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University shows that 164,661,379 confirmed infections. Out of the total number nearly 3.41 million people have succumbed to the virus.

Currently India is ravaged by the virus. According to the data from the Indian Ministry of Health more than 25,228,996 cases has been confirmed with around 278,719 fatalities reported.

The Indian Times reports that a pair of 24 year old twins, Joefred Varghese Gregory and Ralfred George Gregory who were battling coronavirus together died to the disease on May 13 and 14.

They were confirmed to be covid-19 positive on May 1. Their father Gregory Raymond Raphael indicated that anything that happened to one of them, affected the other.

"Whatever happened to one, it happened to the other. It has been like that since they were born." He said.

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