"He Gave Me 10 Million To Start A Restaurant. How A Popular Comedian Changed My Life Completely;Joab

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A man reffered to as Joab Okeya from Nairobi, candidly narrated how a popular comedian changed his life completely. This is after he handed him with a proposal that changed his life completely. He said that the comedian who was also his friend trusted him with ten million Kenyan shillings which he use to start a restaurant.

Joab said that he was born in Kisumu. He wax the second born in a family of nine children. His parents valued education and managed to take him for his secondary education.

He claimed that after his final exams he moved to Nairobi where his aunt introduced him to vegetables vending. He could sad some money that he used to build his parents a house.

Speaking to Lynn Ngugi he claimed that through his aunt he got a job as a cleaner at a restaurant but his dream was to support his family, and the money made as a cleaner wasn't enough. He worked hard until he was promoted to a chef. The head chef liked him and he taught him how to make African cuisines.

He claimed that while he was a chef he had a disagreement with his employer and he was fired. He stayed for months without a job but luckily found another one through a friend. In that restaurant he met the popular comedian and business man Felix Jalango. They Became friends and he loved his cooking.

"We became friends he would pass by the restaurant just to greet me." Joab said.

He claimed that after some time he resigned and decided to get into business. One day he gave Jalango a call and after visiting his office he handed him a proposal about his business idea. He said that he had the ability to run and start a restaurant and after a few months of negotiating Jalango handed him ten million for a start.

He claimed with the help of Jalango's wife namely Amina they started the restaurant from scratch. Amina helped out with the interior design while Joab dealt with the other activities. Within a few months the restaurant was on its feet and it been running till today.

Amina her husband Jalango.

Joab said that he was named as one of the Directors and he got a chance to run the business with the help of other directors. His life has completely changed and he believes hard work and determination pays. His life has improved tremendously thanks to God and his sponsor Felix Jalango.

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