5 Solid reasons why the NPP will win in 2024 if they bring this flag bearer: (Opinion)


Ghana’s democracy is no doubt maturing at a supernatural pace. Despite a few hitches here and there, the West African sub region or even the entire African continent can boast of no better democracy than the Ghanaian democracy. Following the 2020 Ghanaian general elections, Ghana has confirmed it’s place at the very forefront of Africa’s journey to democratic excellence. However, Ghana’s new found political stability coupled with the country’s long standing reputation of being the beacon of hope for the African continent, has created a lot of headache for the country’s major political parties. The parties who are under obligation to present the best possible candidates to lead the over 31 million people of Ghana, sometimes find themselves wanting. A similar situation is currently on the table as political experts take a critical look at 2024.

Ghana’s largest opposition political party; the National Democratic Congress is considering retaining their 2020 flag bearer, former president John Dramani Mahama in 2024. Unfortunately, the ruling New Patriotic Party seem to be torn between making a decision that is best for the future of the party and one that is best for the unity of the founding factions of the political party. With a good number of people suggesting vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia while others suggest honorable Alan kyeremanten, it is only right for the party to make critical considerations before concluding on who to present. In this article, I have taken the pains to detail why honorable Alan Kyeremanten will be the best candidate for the New Patriotic Party in 2024.

Firstly, Alan Cash as he is popularly known is seen by many as a fore bearer of the NPP’s torch of leadership. His decision to concede defeat on several occasions to allow Akufo Addo lead even when others expected tensions to be high, is an absolute confirmation of this assertion. Allan Kyeremanten who has in the past contested the flag bearer-ship position and has captivated the general populace with his “cash for the people, jobs for the people” slogan, is no doubt a national hero and will not find it difficult to hit the 50% plus one mark.

Secondly, Allan Kyeremanten is capable of raising funds for the rather tedious campaign that lies ahead. If you are oblivious to the fact that Ghana’s politics is also becoming a money spending space for players, then you must be from Venus. Political campaigns these days only yield results when there is enough money to amplify the messages of the campaign in question. It is therefore important for every serious political party to present a candidate who is capable of raising the requisite funds for the campaign and in this case, honorable Allan Kyeremanten is the ideal candidate. Prior to the 2008 general elections, Allan Cash demonstrated this feat during the run up to the NPP’s primaries when he raised astronomical figures for his campaign; a move that was new to the Ghanaian political space at the time.

Allan Kyeremanten’s untainted dignity is the third reason why the NPP should present him as their flag bearer in 2024. Even though the likes of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia have been instrumental in the party’s continuous stay in power, we can not refute the fact that the hustle and tussle of the national political game has somehow left stains on their various reputations. The instability of the cedi against the dollar for instance, opened Dr. Bawumia’s economic prowess to unprecedented criticism. As a matter of fact, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is arguably the most criticized vice president in the history of Ghana. Allan Cash may not have been a vice president or a former president but he has his reputation intact.

One may be swayed by the popularity of the other candidates like Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as compared to honorable Allan Kyeremanten. However, we can not be quick to forget the fact that almost every child and adult in Ghana today has at least heard the name “Allan Cash.” Even though he may not come across as the most outspoken individual, he is among the most known politicians Ghana can boast of today. Even in the Northern region of Ghana where Dr. Bawumia hails from, the craving for Allan Cash on the principal streets of the region are unmatched and this is the fourth reason why the New Patriotic Party has a better chance at success in 2024 with a candidate like Allan Kyeremanten.

The fifth solid reason why the NPP’s success at the polls will be better in 2024 with Allan Cash as flag bearer is the love that emanates towards Allan even from the depths of the National Democratic Congress. Allan, a man who has over the years established himself as one of the most loved politicians that has ever graced the Ghanaian political stage, commands a good amount of love from even the NPP’s bitterest rivals. The grassroots of almost every political party love and respect the man and as a writer, I have severally listened keenly to people who debate vigorously in favour of other political parties other than the NPP only to end their debates with: “but if they bring Allan, I will vote for him without thinking twice.” We may allow ourselves to be blinded by politics and certain elite wishes yet we can never run away from the fact that Allan Kyeremanteng at the moment is the New Patriotic Party’s Lionel Messi and that the party needs him and his ever expanding fan base if they want to remain in power beyond 2024. However, the New Patriotic Party has always boasted of being the most democratic political party in Ghana. The decision therefore is in the hands of the delegates and the grassroots. We can only wait, watch and learn.

Do you believe Allan Cash can keep the New Patriotic Party in power beyond 2024?

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