Take It Or Leave It, This Is The Most Difficult Goal To Score In Football

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Long range, Volley, Curve, Close range, Scissors kick, Bicycle kick ,Back heel ,Tap in etc , are all beautiful Goals and fans marvel whenever this type of Goals are scored , either from their club or favorite player.

However, this goals are not the most difficult, when it comes to Goal , that is very difficult to score. The most difficult Goal is penalty.

Auba(Arsenal) Pogba (Man U) and Milner (Liverpool) about to take penalties

Penalty kick, is a mind goal, it inhabit in it large amount of pressure , cause one is not only facing the goal keeper but also the fans , the cheers and bows from the fans are enough to set someone's mind ablaze , making the person wanna pie, cause that moment one could be turned from hero to zero and from zero to hero, that moment could be decisive for your team .

In such situations , coaches always recommend not their best player or their most skillful to take it but the player the player with highest level of concentration.

Nevertheless, all Goals are beautiful but none comes close to penalty when it comes to pressure , that makes penalty the most difficult Goal to score and fans , supporters and coaches should rather applaud the players when the score penalty rather than trolling them.

Do you believe that penalty is the most difficult Goal to score? Leave your thoughts .

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