Handshake Team Tells IEBC To Get Prepared For This Event Against The Wish Of Dr Ruto

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Handshake members allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Odinga who is also an ODM party leader have passed a great message to Independent Electrol and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) concerning Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum.

According to the report from The Standard Digital Media, Hon Junet Mohammed has urged IEBC to get prepared for referendum before next general election in case the Court rules against nullification of the Bill."BBI Secretariat now wants the Electrol agency to prepare for a possible referendum in the event that the Court rules in the favor of the process," read the report from The Standard Digital.

Handshake team are doing all what they can to ensure that referendum is held before 2022 election, something that deputy president William Ruto and his TangaTanga supporters oppose. Some of the handshake allies even claims that it will be a wise decision if general election will be postponed to give room for referendum.Share this article with your friends and remember to follow us for more updates.

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