How Love Languages Would Help To Keep Your Relationship Stronger

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People feel and express love differently. Understanding your partner and their personality type will help you know how better and in what way(s) to connect with them.

The following love languages among other things will certainly help your relationship wax stronger.

1. Quality time.

Endeavour to make out time for your partner irrespective of how busy you are. While some partners may always speak out, some may not so they don't sound like they are not understanding or supportive of your hustle.

Always work out a 'you and me' time every once in a while as it is one sure way to keep the bond you share growing stronger.

2. Little surprises.

Many appreciate it a lot when you remember the slightest things about them.

Something as little as picking up your partner's favourite yoghurt on your way to them or suggesting you both visit their favourite spot after a long week can bring a whole lot of difference to their mood.

3. Deeds of service.

These are not things that you do out of obligation or force. They are actions that you perform out of love to delight your partner.

It could be declining to cook a meal or bringing them breakfast in bed or preparing them a warm bath.

They are acts that require some of your time, effort and shows how thoughtful you are.

4. Physical affection.

This does not have to be a sexual or over the top kind of public display of affection but your partner feels more connected to you with acts as insignificant as holding hands, kissing, nuzzling, hugging etc.

You may not feel that these things are important but they are. Your partner can hear when you say 'i love you but they need to feel it too.

5. Positive comments.

These go a long way in building your partner. Passing comments as simple as 'i love your clothes or you look beautiful' can go a long way.

Even when they are not looking good in their choice of suit or makeup, think of nice ways to pass the message across without sounding derogatory.

It is important to learn these love languages as most people are sensitive to some or all of them. Understanding your partner and the love language they like most will help you in connecting with them better. Your partner did not just wake up to stop loving you, some relationships grow apart because they lack these things.

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