5 Reasons Why A Man Is Scared Of Loving Someone Again After Break Up


Men have feelings too, like women do. Below are some reasons why a man hardly love again after break up.

1. He has suffered from betrayal from the past relationships

Man can get hurt badly, too. It’s just that women, are on the other side of the equation, so we have shifted the blame to men more than women.

Their hearts bleed just like that of women leaving inevitable scars. So, by the next time they want to try again, they will have built thick walls around themselves, and they are not willing to risk getting hurt again.

They become so focused on creating this tough image about themselves that nothing can touch them. Men normally don’t talk about their past relationships, they hardly ever talk about their emotions.

2. He wasn't satisfied where he was then

There is that prehistoric image of a man that he is supposed to be the provider and protector, he must be financially independent and strong enough to deal with anything that gets in his way.

If he is not in a good place emotionally, if he encounters some family issues, if he is currently unable to find work, or he is working some dead-end job he wants to get out of, he won’t even think about dating.

3. He has a restless spirit

They are afraid that love will tame their free spirit and put them in chains. He is afraid that the beginning of a relationship might mean the end of freedom.

That also might have something to do with his past relationship or his fear of commitment in general.

4. He is unwilling to compromise

5. He is that kind of man who perfection seeker and want to play around with women hearts.

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