Mixed Reactions After Netizens Notice Something On Zari Hassan's Son's Nails

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Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has been facing internet trolls after netizens zoomed her son's fingers and discovered something unexpected.

The mother of five was celebrating her last born son's birthday party recently when they took a family photoshoot that has became a topic of discussion.

Zari is blessed with four handsome boys and one daughter. Her first three sons she sired with the late Ivan Ssemwanga who was a rich business man from Uganda. He owned a college which is led by his ex wife Zari Hassan.

After a break up with Ivan before his death Zari started dating Tanzanian singer Diamond. The two got blesses with two children Tiffah and Nillan Dangote.

Zari's first born son is known as Pinto, second born Raphael and third born is Quincy. In this particular photo internet users zoomed Quincy's nails and noticed he has applied nail polish.

Netizens claimed Zari should have stopped the young man from such behaviour. Though some defended him claiming teenagers are always eager to do things some refused and claimed he should be disciplined.

It' s common for teenagers to try some things in life. Many understand the pressure that comes with adolescent stage.

Click here to see the photo.

Here are some of the comments:

Sandrakim," Nail polish in boys is very weird, Zari anafaa amdiscipline."

Hasnabauda,"Hii ni common among basketball players why make it a big deal?"

Chrisna,"Sitetei huyo kijana lakini you people should be gentle with him he is a teenager for christ sake."

Drona,"Hii nayo hapana."

Freestylegal,"Our children growing up hudepend umewaraise aje."

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