Date Rush: The Program Is Becoming A Waste Of Precious Time - Fans React To Today's Episode


Ghanaians have just described today's edition as a jigsaw puzzle without clues nor pathways in getting answers, hence making it look not interested.

Date Rush has really glued Ghanaians to their screens every Sunday evening to watch the thrills and happenings on live set.

The show which is an avenue to aid single young guys and ladies to get into a lovely relationship that can lead to a possible union, is loosing intetest based on comments.

Ghanaians believe the show is loosing it's purpose and reason for establishing it and prolonging happenings on the live love finding show.

Today's show saw old faces trooping onto the program after been formally scraped off. It's confusing state pushed Ghanaians to open furious criticism to the management of TV3 and the management of date rush respectively.

Their claim is mainly centered on the fact that,it's looking absurd with the lineup of happenings which seems the program is been spined around without any tangible progress. 

Why allow them back on the show after they've had their hair share of been featured to have their choice of guy.

Do you also believe in the sentiments of Ghanaians, over this same issue 

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