Which PSV Bus Is This? VIP Section Of A Certain Kenyan Bus Leaves Netizens Guessing


There is always nothing that is pleasing like travelling in a comfortable vehicle especially when someone is travelling on a long journey. That is why many people have their preferred bus and shuttle companies that they use each and every time because of the excellent experience that they have ever had when using the vehicle to travel.

A picture has been posted in a renown facebook group known as Sikika and it has left kenyans gazing which type of bus is it. The picture showed a beautiful section of a certain bus company which is said to be a VIP section that may be charging a higher fare than those boarding the regular section. The section had a red carpet a shiftable seat and even a personal socket.(Photo| courtesy)

Netizens upon seeing the picture reacted in different ways saying what their guesses could be. Some said that the bus is a tahmeed coach, others said that it is a modern coast bus and others said that the bus is a Mash East Africa Bus. All in all, the bus VIP section looks good and anyone who may come across it can prefer using it for transport. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

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