After 20 students have died, check the current status of existing teachers.


four years After students of Wenchi Methodist Senior High School, on an excursion, lost their lives while others survived injuries after trees crashed on them following a heavy rainstorm at Kintampo waterfalls. Mr. Daniel Alubadek, a geography teacher who led the excursion also survived but unable to walk. He is paralyzed now. 

He shared his Sad story to Angel tv News, He conceded that, he has been paying his hospital bills Since 2017. The government promised to help him but nobody has come to his aid. He said," I have sent copies of my hospital bills to GES for help but they've turned their back on me.

If what he is saying is true, then is very shameful to Ghana Education Service and the country as well. Because how can GES neglected a government worker who gets injured at work. We want to copy the white people always but if this happened in a country like Los Angeles, California, America, or Australia, this teacher would have been the richest man in his family. 


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