Sassa R350 grant clear information regarding re-application and qualified beneficiaries

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South African citizens have been getting this grant after losing their SOS of incomes due to Covid-19 pandemic, since last month's cabinet is advising beneficiaries of SRD R350 grant to re-apply, so that they must get the extended payment from April 2022 to March 2024, the process of re-application is a part of new regulations.

The cabinet with SRD Sassa also announced that many people may be disqualified for getting R350 grant, the main purpose of the R350 grant is to support those unemployment people during Covid-19 pandemic, Minister in Presidency Mondi Gungubele also mentioned that R350 grant will continue providing social assistance to its people.

SRD Sassa system of re-application was opened on 23 April 2022, so that all beneficiaries will get verified in order to see if they still qualify or disqualified for R350 grant, and this is also a way of securing their system even to remove those who are currently employed.

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