Uhuru Finally Reveals Why he Doesn't Want Ruto or Moi to Become President

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Over the years now, questions have been raised as to why President Uhuru Kenyatta dropped his Deputy after the two agreed to work together for 20 years with Uhuru taking his first 10 years before supporting Ruto for the other 10 years. Things however changed after the second term and the two does not see eye to eye. Matters however become more worse after Raila shook hands with his political rival Hon Raila Odinga in the famous March 2018 handshake that saw the two start working together.Constitutional implications of Uhuru-Ruto fallout

Things have since remained unclear on what really transpired between the two. Fresh details have now emerged on why the President does not want his deputy to ascend to the top seat including blocking any leader from Mt Kenya and the Kalenjin community from taking over after him. This was emerged yesterday during a State House meeting where Uhuru met a section of Western Kenya region where he drummed support for the handshake partner.Why Gideon Moi does not march DP Ruto politically

In his own words, President Uhuru said that it was time for other communities to lead Kenya as the Kalenjin and the Kikuyu have been in power since independence.

"It was only right to be magnanimous enough to allow other communities to lead the country," the MP present in the meeting quoted the President saying.Kenyatta and Odinga's pact has led to a new elite alliance. Why it won't  last

On DP Ruto, one of the MPs present during the meeting has informed that the President said that his move to break the promises he had made that he will support his Deputy for Presidency was after he saw his deputy turn power-hungry instead of supporting his development agenda.

"He said the DP has been campaigning most of the time instead of supporting him in nation-building," the MP who sought anonymity has said.

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