Foods We Should Avoid Before making love

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Imagine you went out on a hot date, and after a romantic dinner, you’re in the mood for some sexercise — happens to all of us, doesn’t it? But just then, your stomach shows its disapproval: you feel heavily bloated, and your libido drops too! You might wonder what happened all of a sudden, but it’s the food you ate at dinner playing spoilsport.

Here is a list of food you should avoid in such cases:

1. Coffee

Too much caffeine raises your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone, high amounts make it more difficult for your body to relax, and lower your libido.

2. Cruciferous

Vegetables Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are all methane-producing foods. Just make sure you cook them well or they'll make you gassy.

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French fries and all kinds of fried and salty foods should be avoided if you want a great romp in the sack. The trans-fat in these meals reacts negatively with the testosterone levels and reduces the blood circulation to your nether regions.

4. Alcohol

Ever watch a rom-com and notice that as soon as a frisky couple has a few drinks and hops into bed, one of them falls asleep almost immediately? It's not just a plot point: Wine and beer increase your levels of melatonin, which is also known as the sleep hormone.


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