Ghanaians Should Be Given Certificates Of Survival In This Excruciating Economy - Abraham Amaliba

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A member of the NDC's legal team, Abraham Amaliba, has indicated that he is proposing that a certificate of survival should be given to every Ghanaian who survives from Monday to Friday under the current economic hardship in this country.

Abraham Amaliba made this statement on the 'New Day' program on TV3 today, 24th June 2022, when he bemoaned the excruciating hardship in the country.

"Today is Friday isn't it? I have proposed that every Friday we should be given certificate of survival because to live from Monday to Friday in this country is like hell."

According to Abraham Amaliba, we need a certificate of survival from the government because for Ghanaians to be patient and live from Monday to Friday in this excruciating economy is not easy.

"Fuel prices will go up again oo. Have you noticed that there is no traffic in town? People have virtually parked their cars and joining public transport."

Abraham Amaliba indicated that we are struggling to find food to eat, and it is difficult to get petrol to move about, and so, you begin to ask yourself; is this what we voted for?

"What is why I'm saying that to live in this country from Monday to Friday is like hell, that's why the certificate of survival should be given to every Ghanaian." He reiterated.

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