Murathe: Azimio requires Kalonzo's return.

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Mr. Murathe said the coalition needed Mr Kalonzo in the coalition to bring about involvement and ensure

"Mr Kalonzo has benefited from the coalition and his stay in Azimio will have a significant impact on politics. He may leave but will not be able to negotiate with any coalition as he is legally bound to remain in the federation for six months before and three months after the election," he said.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation of Malindi, Mr Murathe, however, insisted that Mr Kalonzo was free to do as he pleased as Azimio is a coalition of willing parties and no party can be forced to continue.

"He can walk on his own or he can think what he thinks if the law allows it," he said.

He said Mr Kalonzo had now been offered the position of Speaker of Parliament, the third in the government, with no President and Deputy President in charge of the government.

"Every election time the rules change and he (Mr Kalonzo) has benefited but this election period is clear and we want to be followed to this day," Murathe said.

He added, “At Azimio we have given the Wiper leader a position, which will develop politically and benefit the people of the East unlike any other alliance in which he is given a position, which they oppose during the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) document and that is a mystery.

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