Will Chelsea advance to UCL quarterfinals or sink against Atletico Madrid

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A last grip for the home side Chelsea Football Club when they face Spanish giants Atletico Madrid in hope to join Mancehster City and Liverpool Football Club in the UCL quarterfinals.

Chelsea won thier first game against Atletico away from home in a 1-0 goal courtesy of French goalpoacher Oliver Giroud which sealed them a victory.

However the Marines Alteltico will be looking to turn the odds and win the game by a big margin to see them join thier rivals Real Madrid who advanced after beating Italian side Atalanta.

Chelsea who have been on a winning streak and undefeated under coach Thomas Tunchel in all competitions will be looking to continue thier winning ways.

However it's gonna be a battle in middle of the park were both side dominated the game and will want to shower thier striker with pass and get goals.

Both managers haven't had a chance to lift the UCL trophy and these could be thier chance to get a step closer to silverware.

Atletico are known to be tactic in defence and uneasy to be broken and it will be a tough task for Chelsea break the wall but they will also have no desire to concede at home.

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