Remarks From Dennis Itumbi Concerning David Ndii

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Dennis Itumbi who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that Watching @DavidNdii on #Newsnight. Easy flew, credible pauses. Correct numbers. Right value chains and the rich explanations on spending millions to create A few jobs at the top as ODM wants us to do in their Manifesto or spending the same money to create Credible work for all.

Ochieng tweeted, "State capture inquiry needed to find out how kenya power poles tenders were given, how NHIF boss operated from Sudi office at kicc, someone in government got tender for police housing,how Israelis were swindled at gulana kulalu where the MD there was deported after asking question."

Nkole tweeted, "Talk about this Odour man who can't explain anything apart from mentioning word corruption. Am told he's the best debater Azimio could match Ndii, sad.😢😢😢. Azimio must be rejected in totality. They are rudderless indeed."

Purple tweeted, "On the issue of corruption, he is very evasive while confirming that the KK manifesto is Ndii's diaries. Does the Sugoi thief have any input in it? Absolutely not. Ruto was zombified by Ndii. Epic failure!"

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