Can We Give Back Without Taking A Picture, Open Discussion


Giving to the needy it's a great gesture, many disadvantage people do appreciate it being given a helping hand. A grocery bag may not mean a lot to some people but on this harsh times of the pandemic it clearly means so much. Social media has been the home of giving back lately and that helped evoke the spirit of Ubuntu, while what is happening is great but there's a great deal of dehumanising the poor. 

My issue with giving back is not based on how much the poor is given, the type of food brand or even clothes but my issues lies in what the giver does whenever they are handing over food parcels. This has been going on for a while before the pandemic hit our shores, I have honestly witnessed it on numerous occasions but it's only now that I see the problem with it.

Why do we have to take a picture whenever we are handing out food, clothes and blankets? Is it necessary to display the person's struggle on the media, are we that self absorbed? Don't get me wrong I applaud any person who takes their hard earned money and spend it on a stranger, relative or even neighbor but how we do it takes away the goodness of giving.

I grew up being told that if you give someone your clothes you don't go out and about telling everyone that you gave so and so your clothings. By doing so you make that person feel even smaller, so by taking pictures of the poor you are doing exactly that. Have you seen the shame on their faces? Life is already hard but here you are taking a picture for likes and retweets.

If one day you find your self in a position where you have to fall in life in order to be given food parcels, would you be happy to have your pictures taken? Can we just atleast take pictures of groceries only and post them online and stop taking pictures of our brothers and sisters!