Kabi Wajesus reveals how he is taking care of his wife during her pregnancy.

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To many people in the world marriage has been a scam.It is believed if you enter into marriage,it's now the start of many problem.It where people have misunderstanding,fights and may end up killing their partner.

This is not the case for the Wajesus family.The couple serves as online couple goals.To them marriage works and the couple have lived happily since they exchange marriage vows.

The couple have been blessed with a baby boy and they are expecting a second child.During the pregnancy reveal,Kabi surprised his hubby with flowers and a billboard with their image written on the Wajesus family is growing.

Kabi Wajesus is a supportive husband,On his Instagram page their was a video showing how is taking care of his love.He was messaging her on the back and oiling her.He the commented that his job currently is to take care of his wife because they are things she can't do on her own because she heavily pregnant and she needs to slay.

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