A female student was allegedly stabbed to death by her classmate for qualifying to write her exams

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This is parents’ worst nightmare, losing their child in a tragic incident that’s difficult to explain. Most parents wouldn’t accept losing their child in a manner that Mbali Hlongwane lost hers. We would like to send our deepest condolences to the Hlongwane family, friends, relatives, and schoolmates. Without any doubt, this is something that shouldn’t be condoned in communities. No one deserves to end another person’s life. Unfortunately, we’re living amongst certain individuals that want to see us down and out in life. Every time you get a better way forward, they start getting angry and want to have what you’re working toward in life, instead of focusing on their journey. We’re all different in life, our journeys will never be the same, and all we need is to support each other to become better individuals and not murder each other.

It has been reported that a young female student by the name of Mbali Hlongwane has had her dreams and life cut short by her male classmate. According to reports, Mbali was stabbed multiple times across her body and that led to her death. It is alleged that one of her male classmates ended her life after she qualified to write her final examinations. She was doing Information Technology at EWC Kathorust and was regarded as one of the best students in her class. “This is Mbali Hlogwane an IT student from EWC, she was stabbed to death by another male classmate… Rumours says she’s stabbed because she qualified to write all her exams,” said @mashoto_ on his Twitter account addressing the horrific death of Mbali. 

There has been a WhatsApp screen of their group titled IT Students, which showed that the alleged murderer hasn’t been too fond of Mbali’s drive for success. According to one of the students, this whole altercation began in class and that’s when the suspect pulled a knife and stabbed Mbali. “Seeing her friends and classmates crying next to her not knowing what to do. This whole thing started in class as they left the school premises then this boy pulled a knife on her,” said @Sylviam15861858 on Twitter. 

Mbali’s teacher that got to spend time with the bright student at Leondale High School has been devastated by this horrible news. As he felt that Mbali was destined for greatness and it’s a pity that she’s now no more. “That was my learner at Leondale High School, so heartbreaking. Rest in peace Mbali Hlongwane. Your bubbly character will never be erased in our hearts. Rest my child,” said @BaloyiLouis on Twitter.

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Date: 22/10/2021

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