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Weeks ago we were told that billionaire musician Rihanna is having a baby with her rapper partner Asap Rocky. It appears we didn't have to be told all along since Rihanna is showing all who have not heard, literally.

The Barbados star, 32 has been going around in public with an exposed stomach including attending fashion shows where she will be constantly posing for pictures.

I have never seen anyone let alone or even another celebrity behaving like this.

To be fair Rihanna has always had a wild side. Her relationship with Asap Rocky seems to have made it much worse though. The two wore the funkiest outfits at the met gala not that long ago.

Perhaps as a fashion icon Rihanna is just using her pregnancy as a form of fashion genius. She will certainly make the news whether good or bad. ASAP for his part sees himself as a style icon, remember the two started getting romantically linked after Rihanna appeared as ASAP's girlfriend on his hit song Fashion killa.

Rihanna spoke about pregnancy and style. She stated:

"I enjoy not having to worry about covering my belly. If I feel chubby, it's like whatever! It's a baby.

Check out some of her pregnancy fashion:

Rihanna wore this black ensemble at the Milan fashion week.

She wore this silver two piece at the launch of her line, Fenty beauty.

She wore this black lace number at Paris Fashion week.

Is this classy? Is this something to look up to? Is pregnancy not meant to be delicate and precious and sensitive? Are children not a gift from the gods? Why is she treating it like it's wrestling with pizza and beer?

I can't imagine Beyonce acting like this. Sure she can have a maternity shoot and might even be pictured on a private yacht by paparazzi but would she go to an awards show exposing her stomach? I don't think so.

I'd tell Rihanna to cover up but I know she won't care.




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