5 Movie Scenes That Some Hollywood Actors Refused To Shoot And Why

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Most times, we watched movies and feel satisfied with what we've just watched, but what we don't know is that some of the actors acting in these movies are sometimes unhappy about acting some certain scenes in the movie. As such, the movie-makers had to improvise to make sure that the movie script is being followed. From an actor who refused to act in a kissing scene with his co-actress to an actor who refused to act in a sex scene, below are five movie scenes that actors refused to act.

5. Kissing a co-star

Photo: Kirk Cameron kissing his real wife in fireproof, giving us the illusion of kissing his co-actress

In the shooting of the 2008 romance movie fireproof, there's a particular scene towards the end of the movie that requires the lead actor Kirk Cameron to plant an affectionate kiss with his co-actress. But due to his Christian beliefs and commitment to his wife, Kirk Cameron refused to act the scene. At last, the producers got a little bit creative by dressing Kirk Cameron's real wife as his co-actress before they shot the scene, and the use of tight angles, low lightnings, and silhouetted was used to capture the kiss.

Photo: Kirk Cameron and his wife

4. Refusing to Kiss a man

Photo: Will Smith pretending to kiss Anthony Michael

During the shooting of the 1993 movie six degrees of separation, there is a particular scene where the script requires Will Smith to kiss Anthony Michael, but Smith felt very awkward about kissing a man and decided to back out from the scene. The movie-makers simply got a bit creative and decided to shoot the kissing scene from the back of Will Smith's head which didn't show the mouth of the actors making contact at all.

Photo: Will Smith

3. Flash crushing Wonder Woman under him

Photo: flash crashing on wonder woman's double

During the original cut of the 2017 Justice League, American movie director Joss Whedon wanted to shot a scene where flash saves Wonder Woman but crashes on top of her for a brief moment. Gal Gadot who was acting Wonder Woman wasn't happy about the scene and so she refused to act it. Instead, her stunt double Diana acted that particular part, and she did well to face away from the camera which gave the illusion that it was Gal Gadot herself.

Photo: flash and Wonder Woman

2. Sex Scene with Mahershala Ali

Photo: Mahershala Ali and Taraji Henson bypassing the sex scene

In the 2012 movie 'The curious case of Benjamin button', Mahershala Ali played the lead role where he was supposed to act a sex scene with Taraji P Henson. But because of his religious belief being a Muslim, Mahershala Ali refused to act the scene. Even though the scene was later shot, the producers didn't go with the intended plot in order to suit Mahershala Ali. He was made to kiss her a few times before the scene was cut, instead of acting a complete sex scene.

Photo: Mahershala Ali

1. Acting with animals

Photo: Eddie Murphy

In the 2001 family/comedy-drama movie 'Doctor Dolittle 2', Eddie Murphy was supposed to act a scene alongside Irwin and an alligator. The producer of the movie intended to use a real-life alligator for the scene but Eddie Murphy refused the scene saying that he's terrified of live animals, and he doesn't want anything to do with an alligator in fear of getting ripped off by the reptile accidentally.

But the producers later opted in for a computer-generated alligator before Eddie Murphy finally accept to shoot the scene.

What do you think about this actors reason for rejecting a movie scene? Do you find it justifiable or not?

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