6 Popular Footballers Who Are Fathers Of Beautiful Daughters (Photos)

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Some professional footballers are proud fathers of beautiful kids. They never cease to share lovely photos of themselves spending quality time with their lovely kids. In this post, I'm going to share with you 6 Popular footballers who are fathers of beautiful daughters.

1. James Rodriguez

(A photo of James Rodriguez and his daughter)

The Everton forward and a Colombian International has a beautiful daughter named Salome. He had Salome with his ex-wife Daniela Ospina, a volleyball player who is also a sister to the Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina.

(A photo of Salome)

(Photos of James Rodriguez and his daughter)

2. Roberto Firmino

(A Photo of Firmino, his wife and two daughters)

The Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino is a father of two beautiful daughters named Valentina and Bella. He had Valentina and Bella with his wife Larissa Pereira. Firmino seems to spend lots of fun time with his wife and daughters.

(A photo of Valentina and Bella)

(Photos of Firmino, his wife and two daughters)

3. Radamel Falcao

(A photo of Falcao and his daughters)

The Colombian Professional footballer Radamel Falcao, is a father of 3 beautiful daughters named Dominique, Desirée and Annette. He had his three daughters with his lovely wife Lorelei Taron, an Argentina singer and model.

(Photos of Falcao, his wife and kids)

4. Raheem Sterling

(A photo of Sterling and his daughter Melody Rose)

The Manchester City forward is also a proud father of a 9 years old girl named Melody Rose. He had his beautiful daughter Rose with his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Clarke when he was a teenager.

(Photos of Melody Rose)

5. Willian Borges De Silva

(A Photo of Willian, his wife and two daughters)

The Brazilian forward is a proud father of a set of twins girls named Valentine and Manuella. He had his two beautiful daughters in 2012 with his wife Vanessa Martins. Willian also seems to spend quality time with his beautiful daughters.

(A photo of Valentine and Manuella)

(Photos of Willian, his wife and two daughters)

6. Bruno Fernandes

(A photo of Bruno Fernandes, his wife and daughter)

The Portuguese international and Manchester United playmaker also has a beautiful daughter named Matilde. He had his only daughter Matilda with his beloved wife Ana Pinho.

(Photos of Matilda)

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