Lovely Photos Of Comic Actor, Mr. Ibu, His Wife and Children


Family is everything! Any man that works his way to the extent of getting married and giving birth to kids is often regarded a complete personality in the society. Marriage and having an immediate family of your own also comes with immeasurable joy because you have given rise to people that will continue your legacy when you eventually leave earth.

It is the dream of every man to start a family especially in African societies. Popular Nollywood Comic Actor, Mr. Ibu can be said to be one of the stars with the most successful marriages. Though he divorced his first wife and remarried in 2015, since then he has been living peacefully with his wife and even a father of three kids; one girl and two boys.

It is thus not out of place to say that he is not only a veteran comic actor but also a successful family man. He is one actor that is very proud of his wife and children, as he has said severally that he is married to the best wife that didn't consider his looks but the love he has for her. We are going to have a look at some lovely photos of his family. Just sit tight and enjoy the piece.

His last born son is a raw carbon copy of his father. He shares a striking resemblance to the actor even in terms of body size as he has added significant weight. Below are more personal photos of him.

It is evident in the above images that he is enjoying his family. They look very happy and comfortable, don't they?