"Niliteleza, Nisameheni Wakenya Sitarudia Tena" Omosh Pleads For Forgiveness From Kenyans


Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh Kizangila has pleaded with Kenyans to forgive him after he went on a live interview and begged for money.

He has also asked for forgiveness after his video while intoxicated went viral on social media. He claims that he had been invited in an event where he was forced to take alcohol.

He claims that he was soo intoxicated to a point he could not remember how he managed to get home. He claims it was a mistake that he will never repeat.

While he pleaded for help on a live tv, he claims it was a joke and he never mean't to to hurt Kenyans. He says that he is not broke as many kenyans think, he only needed a camera, tripod, two lights and a mic.

Omosh has promised never to beg Kenyans again and he will forever be greatful to Kenyans for stepping in and helping when he almost gave up.

He has also promised to never take alcohol where he claims it was a mistake and he learnt the hard way.


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