Hon Isaac Mwaura Outlined The Reasons for People Living With Disability to Sue Hon Junet Muhammed


Hon isaac mwaura has revealed the reasons why the people living with disability will do everything possible to sue Hon.junet muhammed over the utterances he made against Him(mwaura)

He said that Honourable Junet is a member of parliaments and co- chairperson of building bridges initiative secretariat therefore he has influence over many members of public.

According to mwaura Junet statement cast doubt on albinism as a disability yet united nation ,the African union and the government of kenya through National council of people with disability identify albinism as disability.

Being a member of parliament with albinism and representing person's with disabilities .Hon. Isaac Mwaura is a role model and a mentor to many person with disability thus casting doubt on his disability discourage the people he represent.

The constitution of kenya prohibit discrimination on ground of colour disability and requires people with disability to be addressed with dignity.

Disability person's organisation strongly advocate against stigmatization and discrimination on various communities so as to enjoy their rights as provided in the constitution.

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