Meals You Cannot Afford To Miss At The Senior High School Level


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Senior High School is a life changing stage in the educational system. There are a lot of things we learn at the senior high school. One of the things we learn most is how to eat most meals.

Today let us look at some meals at the senior high school level which you cannot afford to miss.

1. Jollof rice and sausage.

One cannot miss this meal for anything. It is the most loved meal in the senior high level. It is normally prepared on Sundays. Most young Ghanaians love this meal. The sausage is also delicious which makes a nice combination which the jollof rice.

2. Waakye and Egg

The stew here is for the waakye is often referred to as 'Gas'. This is also one of the loved means at the senior high school. You cannot miss this meal for anything. 

3. Beans and Gari with ripe plantain.

Most schools eat this meal without the ripe plantain, but still it is their favourite. The dining hall is always full with meals like this.

4. Rice and Stew.

The ladies' favourite meal. It is also one of the loved meals at the shs. 

Most people wish to start the secondary cycle again because of the meal. Well if you enjoyed this article, please follow me for more.