Government Must Seek Better ways to Secure the Future of Needy, Bright earners

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Many learners are not in school because they lack fees. It is dispiriting that millions of young Kenyans with big academic dreams are stranded at home because of poverty. What this means is that their future is at stake.

Out there, there are many young people who can't achieve their dreams due to difficulties raising mon ey not just for fees school fees but also food, clothing and shelter.

It is the dream of every young person to be successful in life and achieve the very best. As a society there is a need to help the needy attain their dreams. We have a responsibility to support children with potential but who, because of circumstances, face a bleak future.

It is thus important to have needy students sup ported in a more structured way. Once left alone, they may feel lonely and unappreciated and may end up giving up in life.

Some could feel they are not worthy of living The government should be at the fore front in these efforts. On top of the bursaries, there's need for better support structures devoid of corruption and not based on mere political tokenism as has been the norm.

NGOs and donor agencies should work alongside the State in crafting programmes in favour of learn ers from poor backgrounds. In addition, well-wishers, both local and international, can play a key role in supporting this vulnerable group.

A little effort here and there can their dreams come true. It is said that the future of a nation depends on the vibrancy of its youth. Some learners are poor on account of being orphans or having parents who are economically disadvantaged. No needy learner should suffer when the larger society can do something to make a difference in their live

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