'The Political Story Of The Year' - Ali Nuhu Says As He Shares Political Interest Online [PHOTOS]

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Kannywood veteran Actor, Ali Nuhu took to his social media account on Instagram to clearly show his Political Interest to his fans.

Ali Nuhu is known to be a great leader of Kannywood, he is also a good father to his children and a Good husband to his beautiful wife. Those are some of the qualities of a good leader, Ali Nuhu can really make a change in politics in Nigeria.

[Photo credit: instagram, Ali Nuhu]

The Actor got his fans surprised when he added some pictures on his Instagram timeline, what really made them to react to the pictures was what he wrote about the pictures.

Ali Nuhu wrote: 'The Biggest Political Story of the year', his fan keep wondering if Ali Nuhu is really into Nigerian Politics now.

[Photo credit: Instagram, Ali Nuhu]

But unfortunately, the pictures were captured from a Nollywood movie location where he appears as a Politician.

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